xoxo tcg: archived trade logs

August 31, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my sc-wildhongkong02 for era-growlkris15 (5)
- Traded yasu: my evt-superjointconcert201301, evt-superjointconcert201311, evt-superjointconcert201315, ps-131212shimshimtapa08, ps-131212shimshimtapa09, ps-131212shimshimtapa14, mv-mamakv05, mv-mamakv09, mv-historycv02, mv-historycv06, mv-historycv09, mv-historycv10 for sc-healinglifebts01, sc-healinglifebts03, sc-healinglifebts06, mv-miraclesindeckv01, mv-miraclesindeckv08, mv-miraclesindeckv09, mv-miraclesindeckv10, mv-miraclesindeckv11, era-growlkris10, mv-miraclesindeccv08, sc-romantichongkong09, sc-specialpackage03 (20 +4)
- Traded Nicky: my ps-smtownweeki02 for era-growlkris15 (12)
- Traded Julia: my ps-naturerepublic201411 for sc-youdontknowlove14

August 29, 2014 ------------
- Traded Shbup: my sc-bamboocharcoal07 for era-midbaekhyun13 (10)
- Traded Vaini: my mv-miraclesindeccv15 for evt-pangyomuralpainting16
- Traded Melodyo: my evt-140526idolfutsal07 for evt-pangyomuralpainting05 (8)
- Traded Lonelywaters: my ps-xoxoteasers10, evt-lostplanetinseoulxm15 for era-growlkris06, sp-donlockwood04

August 28, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my sc-specialpackage02, sc-meilishuo01, sc-meilishuo03, sc-meilishuo08, ps-geniearbts03 for sc-hongkongtime04, sc-hongkongtime02, mv-wolfkv08, mv-growlkv07, mv-miraclesindeccv04 (5)

August 26, 2014 ------------
- Traded Melodyo: my ps-highcutvol7302, era-wolfluhan02 for era-midbaekhyun14, era-growlkris03 (20)

August 25, 2014 ------------
- Traded Dhee: my sc-romantichongkong01 for ps-xoxoteasers11
- Traded Nicky: my sc-wildhongkong12 for ps-naturerepublic201403
- Traded Yasu: my mv-mamakv03, ps-hellorehearsal06, ps-geniearbts03, mv-wolfkv09, ps-131212shimshimtapa04, ps-hellorehearsal09, ps-chiaseed06, ps-autumnclub06, era-growld.o08, sc-letmeholdyou01, sc-letmeholdyou04, sc-yachttime06 for ps-naturerepublic201408, ps-fantasticjourney08, ps-geniearbts12, sc-shoppingtime07, mv-miraclesindeckv13, ps-highcutvol7310, ps-highcutvol7313, sc-specialpackage04, mv-historycv14, ps-131111shimshimtapa15, mv-growlcv09
- Traded Savannah: my evt-dkfcmanila02, mv-miraclesindeckv09, sc-shoppingtime12, mv-wolfkv07, mv-growlkv07 for era-growlkris12, ps-naturerepublic201407, era-wolfluhan08, ps-131212shimshimtapa03, ps-naturerepublic201405 (5)
- Traded Lucy: my evt-130128idololympics11, ps-debutteasers01 for era-midbaekhyun02, ps-naturerepublic201405 (20)
- Traded Cecelia: my evt-mama201210, mv-growlkv01 for ps-naturerepublic201415, sc-bamboocharcoal03
- Traded Caitlin: my ps-debutteasers01 for sc-letmeholdyou07

August 24, 2014 ------------
- Traded Shbup: my mv-mamakv06 for era-wolfluhan15 (15)
- Traded Melodyo: my sc-youdontknowlove15 for ps-131212shimshimtapa01
- Traded Danni: my ps-syndrome09, ps-fantasticjourney07, sc-hongkongtime14 for era-wolfluhan12, evt-mama201216, sc-youdontknowlove10

August 23, 2014 ------------
- Traded Whitney: my ps-agitnight04 for mv-growlkv16
- Traded Melodyo: my sc-bamboocharcoal05 for era-wolfluhan16

August 22, 2014 ------------
- Traded yasu: my sc-hongkongtime08, mv-miraclesindeckv16 for ps-chiaseed09, sc-shoppingtime06 (8)

August 21, 2014 ------------
- Traded Savannah: my mv-growlkv05 for era-wolfluhan13
- Traded Kelly: my evt-mama201214 for era-growlkris04
- Traded Lonelywaters: my mv-overdosecv15 for sc-youdontknowlove11
- Traded Melodyo: my mv-wolfkv11, mv-wolfkv14 for sp-donlockwood15, ps-naturerepublic201416

August 20, 2014 ------------
- Traded Dhee: my sc-romantichongkong14 for mv-miraclesindeccv02 (20 +1)
- Traded Danni: my ps-highcutvol7310 for sc-bamboocharcoal06
- Traded Yasu: my ps-131212shimshimtapa07, mv-wolfkv15, ps-fantasticjourney12, ps-hellorehearsal09 for sc-youdontknowlove08, sc-youdontknowlove12, era-wolfluhan02, era-wolfluhan03 (19)

August 19, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my era-growld.o06 for mv-miraclesindeccv16 (15)
- Traded Danni: my era-wolfluhan11, mv-growlkv09 for mv-miraclesindeccv15, mv-miraclesindeccv05
- Traded Kelly: my evt-28thgoldendisks15, evt-mama201203 for sc-youdontknowlove05, sc-youdontknowlove07
- Traded Kelly: my evt-140526idolfutsal11, evt-140526idolfutsal12 for ps-naturerepublic201412, ps-xoxoteasers03

August 18, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my era-growld.o05, era-mamad.o16, ps-131212shimshimtapa16, sc-wildhongkong02 for ps-naturerepublic201404, ps-chiaseed01, evt-28thgoldendisks04, ps-131212shimshimtapa14 (8)
- Traded Nicky: my era-midbaekhyun13, ps-autumnclub11, ps-syndrome07 for sc-bamboocharcoal07, ps-naturerepublic201411, ps-naturerepublic201410
- Traded Yasu: my mv-wolfkv01, mv-wolfkv03, mv-wolfkv04, mv-wolfkv06, mv-wolfkv11, mv-wolfkv12, ps-lanternfestivalbts03, ps-lanternfestivalbts11, sc-lightsaber05, sc-lightsaber06 for sc-meilishuo08, evt-28thgoldendisks15, mv-growlkv16, mv-historycv06, mv-miraclesindeccv13, mv-miraclesindeccv10, mv-miraclesindeccv08, mv-miraclesindeccv07, mv-miraclesindeccv03, mv-miraclesindeccv01(20 +1)
- Traded Rae: my mv-overdosecv03, mv-overdosecv01 for sc-meilishuo07, sc-bamboocharcoal03 (11)
- Traded Cassidy: my mv-growlkv01, ps-geniearbts04 for era-wolfluhan11, mv-overdosecv04
- Traded Julia: my ps-highcutvol7304, ps-highcutvol7307, ps-highcutvol7308 for mv-wolfkv11, mv-wolfkv01, mv-mamakv03
- Traded Aku: my mv-miraclesindeccv05 for ps-autumnclub11 (4)

August 17, 2014 ------------
- Traded Caitlin: my era-wolfkai04, ps-131212shimshimtapa13 for ps-chiaseed10, mv-mamakv05
- Traded Danni: my evt-mama201213, evt-mama201204 for ps-autumnclub11, mv-miraclesindeccv14 (20 +1)

August 16, 2014 ------------
- Traded Kelly: my era-midbaekhyun10, evt-28thgoldendisks14 for sc-bamboocharcoal04, mv-overdosecv05 (19)
- Traded Cecelia: my evt-mama201215 for era-wolfluhan14
- Traded Cashew: my evt-lostplanetinseoulxm11, evt-lostplanetinseoulxm14 for sc-bamboocharcoal01, ps-naturerepublic201413
- Traded Lonelywaters: my sc-romantichongkong15, era-mamad.o05 for ps-autumnclub01, evt-mama201203
- Traded Melodyo: my mv-growlcv02, ps-debutteasers11, sc-specialpackage10, mv-growlcv04, mv-growlcv03 for era-wolfluhan09, era-wolfluhan11, evt-dkfcmanila05, mv-growlkv11, ps-131212shimshimtapa06
- Traded Yasu: my era-midbaekhyun12 for mv-historycv06
- Traded Ruthia: my mv-historycv16, ps-fantasticjourney02, ps-fantasticjourney08 for sc-specialpackage02, ps-syndrome09, era-wolfluhan02 (6)

August 15, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my era-midbaekhyun11 for mv-mamakv16 (3)
- Traded Lonelywaters: my evt-28thgoldendisks12 for sc-letmeholdyou01

August 14, 2014 ------------
- Traded melodyo: my sc-specialpackage08, sc-specialpackage12 for sc-shoppingtime09, ps-debutteasers05 (20 +1)
- Traded Rae: my era-growld.o15 for sc-letmeholdyou02 (19)
- Traded Julia: my era-mamad.o01, sc-intoyourworld02 for era-midbaekhyun09, ps-autumnclub07
- Traded Tamaneko: my mv-wolfkv04, sc-hongkongtime03 for era-midbaekhyun15,sc-shoppingtime07
- Traded Cassidy: my sc-specialpackage14, sc-yachttime09 for sc-letmeholdyou08, sc-letmeholdyou07

August 12, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my era-midbaekhyun13 for era-midbaekhyun10 (12)
- Traded Whitney: my mv-wolfkv16, ps-highcutvol7303,mc-Shel for ps-debutteasers03,ps-debutteasers04, mc-Whitney
- Traded Savannah: my ps-highcutvol7306 for era-midbaekhyun12
- Traded Caitlin: my ps-geniearbts03 for era-midbaekhyun04
- Traded Ruthia: my mv-overdosecv11 for ps-131212shimshimtapa07
- Traded Shbup: my mv-mamakv01 for era-midbaekhyun13 (5)
- Traded Danni: my mv-historycv03, mv-historycv12 for sc-bamboocharcoal08, ps-autumnclub03
- Traded Melodyo: my ps-debutteasers09 for ps-chiaseed12

August 11, 2014 ------------
- Traded Nicky: my era-growld.o04, era-mamad.o09, era-wolfluhan14 for ps-131212shimshimtapa11, ps-131212shimshimtapa08, ps-highcutvol7304 (20 + 1)
- Traded yasu: my era-growld.o08 for sc-shoppingtime14
- Traded Nicky: my sc-intoyourworld08 for sc-meilishuo07 (17)
- Traded Nicky: my era-wolfluhan01 for era-mamad.o08
- Traded Dhee: my sc-romantichongkong09, sc-healinglifebts02 for sc-shoppingtime07, ps-highcutvol7302
- Traded Lindsay: my sc-hongkongtime02 for sc-letmeholdyou06
- Traded Kelly: my era-wolfluhan12 for ps-chiaseed02
- Traded Lonelywaters: my ps-naturerepublic201410, era-wolfluhan05, mv-overdosecv07 for era-midbaekhyun16, era-midbaekhyun14, era-midbaekhyun10
- Traded Kelly: my evt-lostplanetinseoulxm11 for evt-mama201208
- Traded Danni: my sc-specialpackage01, sc-specialpackage10 for sc-meilishuo06, sc-meilishuo08
- Traded Danni: my evt-mama201210, evt-28thgoldendisks09 for ps-chiaseed06, era-midbaekhyun07

August 10, 2014 ------------
- Traded Yasu: my ps-fantasticjourney05, ps-fantasticjourney06 for ps-geniearbts07, evt-28thgoldendisks14(20 +3)
- Traded yasu: my sc-bamboocharcoal04, sc-bamboocharcoal08 for sc-meilishuo01, sc-shoppingtime04
- Traded Caitlin: my ps-naturerepublic201412, ps-131212shimshimtapa09 for ps-autumnclub10, ps-chiaseed03
- Traded Cassidy: my sc-specialpackage04, mv-wolfkv06, ps-geniearbts11, sc-wildhongkong06, sc-wildhongkong09 for sc-whatislovesehun01, sc-whatislovesehun02, sc-whatislovesehun08, evt-28thgoldendisks11, sc-letmeholdyou03(18)

August 09, 2014 ------------
- Traded Erica: my evt-mama201212, evt-28thgoldendisks05 for mv-miraclesindeccv06, era-midbaekhyun08
- Traded Ruthia: my sc-intoyourworld08, ps-fantasticjourney07 for mv-overdosecv07, sc-whatislovesehun07
- Traded Cecelia: my mv-growlcv14 for era-growld.o04

August 08, 2014 ------------
- Traded Rae: my ps-agitnight06, ps-agitnight04 for sc-shoppingtime15, sc-healinglifebts04(20 +7)
- Traded Julia: my sc-intoyourworld07 for era-midbaekhyun05
- Traded Yasu: my sc-yachttime16 for ps-geniearbts10
- Traded Kelly: my era-wolfkai09, era-growld.o02 for mv-growlcv03,sc-yachttime14
- Traded Lonelywaters: my mv-growlcv07, mv-growlcv15 for ps-debutteasers16,ps-debutteasers12

August 07, 2014 ------------
- Traded Lindsay: my sc-hongkongtime04 for era-midbaekhyun06
- Traded Cashew: my era-wolfluhan12, mc-Shel for evt-130128idololympics09, mc-Cashew(18)
- Traded Vaini: my mv-growlcv16 for ps-highcutvol7310
- Traded Melodyo: my mv-mamakv15,mc-Shel for era-midbaekhyun02, mc-Melodyo
- Traded Miranda: my mv-growlkv10 for era-midbaekhyun03

August 05, 2014 ------------
- Traded Caitlin: my sc-meilishuo03 for era-mamad.o12(12)
- Traded yasu: my mv-overdosecv13 for ps-autumnclub04
- Traded Danni: my ps-131212shimshimtapa16,ps-131212shimshimtapa04 for ps-debutteasers02, ps-hellorehearsal01
- Traded melodyo: my mv-mamakv09 for ps-geniearbts03
- Traded yasu: my evt-dkfcmanila03, ps-naturerepublic201411 for ps-geniearbts01, sc-shoppingtime05
- Traded Nicky: my evt-dkfcmanila08 for sc-shoppingtime12

August 04, 2014 ------------
- Traded Ruthia: my mv-overdosecv06 for era-mamad.o05(20 +4)
- Traded Danni: my era-wolfluhan03, era-wolfluhan14 for era-mamad.o06, era-mamad.o14
- Traded Ruthia: my mv-overdosecv04 for mv-miraclesindeckv03
- Traded Ruthia: my sc-healinglifebts06 for evt-130128idololympics03
- Traded Nicky: my evt-mama201207, evt-dkfcmanila09 for ps-geniearbts02, ps-autumnclub05
- Traded Danni: my evt-mama201214 for era-mamad.o09

August 03, 2014 ------------
- Traded Niblets: my mv-miraclesindeckv05 for ps-hellorehearsal06(16)
- Traded Rae: my mv-growlkv08 for ps-debutteasers11
- Traded Aku: my mv-growlcv09, mc-Shel for ps-debutteasers06, mc-Aku
- Traded Julia: my era-growld.o11, mc-Shel for sc-romantichongkong09, mc-Julia
- Traded Nicky: my evt-mama201205, evt-lostplanetinseoulxm15 for era-mamad.o15, era-mamad.o01
- Traded Cassidy: my ps-chiaseed01 for era-mamad.o07

August 02, 2014 ------------
- Traded yasu: my evt-dkfcmanila09 for ps-debutteasers09

August 01, 2014 ------------
- Traded Cassidy: my ps-highcutvol7303 for mv-growlcv15
- Traded Nikki: my era-growld.o03, mc-Shel for sc-romantichongkong02, mc-Nikki

July 31, 2014 ------------
- Traded Tamaneko: my mv-mamakv13, mc-Shel for ps-debutteasers10, mc-Tamaneko(20 +3)
- Traded Lonelywaters: my mv-miraclesindeccv11 for ps-hellorehearsal04
- Traded Savannah: my sc-intoyourworld07, mc-Shel for sc-romantichongkong07, mc-Savannah
- Traded Vaini: my sc-letmeholdyou07 for sc-romantichongkong04
- Traded Whitney: my mv-mamakv15, era-wolfkai11 for sc-romantichongkong16, sc-shoppingtime13

July 30, 2014 ------------
- Traded Kelly: my era-growld.o10 for mv-miraclesindeckv11(15)
- Traded Shbup: my evt-28thgoldendisks03, evt-28thgoldendisks08 for evt-130128idololympics01, ps-autumnclub08
- Traded Miranda: my era-wolfkai06, mc-Shel for era-midbaekhyun06, mc-Miranda
- Traded Lindsay: my sc-hongkongtime06, mc-Shel for sc-romantichongkong09, mc-Lindsay
- Traded Cecelia: my era-wolfkai15, mv-growlcv04, mc-Shel for evt-130128idololympics04, sc-romantichongkong10, mc-Cecelia

July 29, 2014 ------------
- Traded Ruthia: my mv-historycv03, ps-fantasticjourney06 for ps-hellorehearsal12, mv-miraclesindeckv09
- Traded Cashew: my ps-highcutvol7315 for ps-debutteasers01

July 28, 2014 ------------
- Traded Nicky: my evt-130128idololympics02 for sc-shoppingtime16(20 +2)
- Traded Nicky: my ps-agitnight02, ps-lanternfestivalbts03, ps-agitnight01, mv-miraclesindeckv10 for era-midbaekhyun01,era-midbaekhyun11,era-midbaekhyun15, sc-romantichongkong11
- Traded Nicky: my mv-miraclesindeckv15, sc-whatislovesehun02, sc-whatislovesehun06 for era-midbaekhyun13, sc-shoppingtime01, sc-shoppingtime08

July 24, 2014 ------------
- Traded yasu: my ps-fantasticjourney06, mc-Shel for sc-shoppingtime11, mc-Yasu
- Traded Dhee: my evt-dkfcmanila13 for ps-debutteasers11
- Traded yasu: my era-midbaekhyun07, evt-28thgoldendisks11, ps-131212shimshimtapa04, ps-131212shimshimtapa10 for era-midbaekhyun05, ps-hellorehearsal12, evt-130128idololympics14, ps-debutteasers14
- Traded Erica: my ps-agitnight04 for sc-romantichongkong01

July 22, 2014 ------------
-Traded Lonelywaters: my wolfkai06 for ps-fantasticjourney10
-Traded Danni: my sc-letmeholdyou07, evt-28thgoldendisks04, mc-Shel for ps-hellorehearsal07, ps-hellorehearsal03, mc-Danni

July 21 2014 ------------
-Traded Ruthia: my ps-naturerepublic201416 for sc-intoyourworld08(20 +2)
-Traded Lonelywaters: my mv-historycv02, mv-historycv10, mc-Shel for evt-130128idololympics15, sc-letmeholdyou03, mc-Lonelywaters
-Traded Nicky: my era-wolfkai09, era-wolfkai10, mc-Shel for mv-miraclesindeckv01, sc-letmeholdyou07, mc-Nicky

July 20 2014 ------------
-Traded Kelly: my ps-agitnight01, ps-agitnight04, mc-Shel for mv-miraclesindeckv02, mv-miraclesindeckv15, mc-Kelly
-Traded Lucy: my era-growld.o07, mc-Shel for mv-miraclesindeckv13, mc-Lucy
-Traded Rae: my sc-whatislovesehun08, mc-Shel for mv-miraclesindeckv06, mc-Rae
-Traded Dhee: my mv-mamakv14, mv-mamakv09, mv-historycv09, mv-historycv11, mc-Shel for mv-miraclesindeckv10, sc-letmeholdyou04, mv-miraclesindeckv07, sc-romantichongkong05, mc-Dhee
-Traded Dhee: my evt-mama201202 for ps-syndrome11
-Traded Danni: my era-midbaekhyun03, sc-lightsaber05 for ps-fantasticjourney04, evt-130128idololympics05(20 +2)
-Traded Caitlin: my ps-131212shimshimtapa03, ps-131212shimshimtapa15, ps-131212shimshimtapa16, era-growld.o08 for evt-130128idololympics10, evt-130128idololympics12, ps-fantasticjourney09, sc-letmeholdyou02
-Traded Erica: my sc-wildhongkong03, sc-yachttime15, mc-Shel for ps-syndrome03, mv-miraclesindeckv05, mc-Erica
-Traded Ruthia: my sc-romantichongkong13, sc-specialpackage10, mc-Shel for ps-syndrome08, ps-syndrome05, mc-Ruthia
-Traded Shbup: my era-wolfkai07, era-wolfkai08, mc-Shel for sc-letmeholdyou08, mv-miraclesindeckv12, mc-Shbup
-Traded Niblets: my era-growld.o11, era-growld.o16, mc-Shel for sc-intoyourworld03, ps-fantasticjourney11, mc-niblets
-Traded Erica: my era-wolfkai01 for sc-shoppingtime12
-Traded Cassidy: my mv-growlkv14, sc-hongkongtime06, mc-Shel for sc-intoyourworld06, mv-miraclesindeckv14, mc-Cassidy

xoxo tcg: archived activity logs

August 31, 2014 ------------
- doubles trade: era-wolfluhan07, ps-smtownweeki01 (traded in: sc-whatislovesehun01, sc-whatislovesehun01)
- trade stamp: sc-wildhongkong10, sc-letmeholdyou02, mv-mamakv09, evt-pangyomuralpainting08, + 1 kiss
- deck mastery: mv-miraclesindeckv14, ps-hellorehearsal05, ps-highcutvol7310, era-midbaekhyun10, sc-bamboocharcoal03, sp-donlockwood10

August 28, 2014 ------------
- doubles trade: mv-wolfkv11, sc-whatislovesehun01, ps-highcutvol7302, evt-140526idolfutsal07, mv-historycv11, ps-fantasticjourney12 (traded in: sc-healinglifebts03, sc-healinglifebts03, sc-wildhongkong15, sc-whatislovesehun04, ps-agitnight05, ps-xoxoteasers11)

August 25, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: evt-pangyomuralpainting11, evt-130128idololympics06, era-growlkris03, ps-agitnight06 + 1 kiss
- trade stamp: sc-letmeholdyou04, evt-superjointconcert201315, evt-28thgoldendisks03, sc-wildhongkong02 + 1 kiss

August 24, 2014 ------------
- S: sp-donlockwood01
- I: era-growlkris02
- N: sp-donlockwood09
- G: evt-pangyomuralpainting15
- A: ps-xoxoteasers05
- P: sp-donlockwood12
- O: sp-donlockwood05
- R: ps-xoxoteasers03
- E: ps-xoxoteasers08
- freebies: ps-naturerepublic201406, era-wolfluhan06, era-wolfluhan10, ps-xoxoteasers10, mv-growlcv05, mv-historycv10, sp-donlockwood03
- event cards: xoxo-24hrmasterykelly
- steamed up(double rewards): evt-140526idolfutsal05, mv-miraclesindeccv03, ps-agitnight02, + 20 hugs
- steamed up: sc-romantichongkong03, ps-131111shimshimtapa16, ps-autumnclub05, + 20 hugs
- study hall(double rewards): ps-naturerepublic201401, sp-donlockwood02, ps-geniearbts02
- study hall: sc-healinglifebts03, ps-xoxoteasers06, era-growlkris07
- x(iumin) and o: ps-chiaseed12, mv-growlcv14, mv-mamakv08

August 23, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: ps-hellorehearsal09, evt-dkfcmanila15, evt-140526idolfutsal01, mv-wolfkv10, sc-meilishuo03, ps-xoxoteasers04
- deck mastery: evt-lostplanetinseoulxm15, sc-bamboocharcoal07, mv-wolfkv03, mv-historycv02, ps-xoxoteasers11

August 22, 2014 ------------
- bwcw shop (powerup purchase): powerup-2gamerewards
- doubles trade: sc-healinglifebts03, ps-131111shimshimtapa07 (traded in: ps-agitnight05, ps-hellorehearsal06)

August 21, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: ps-geniearbts10, mv-growlkv07, ps-agitnight06

August 20, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: sc-letmeholdyou08, mv-wolfkv12, mv-miraclesindeccv15, ps-xoxoteasers09, ps-smtownweeki02, ps-xoxoteasers07

August 19, 2014 ------------
- rank up (level 4): ps-syndrome03, mv-wolfkv09, mv-growlkv05, sc-youdontknowlove15, ps-smtownweeki08, era-wolfluhan07, sc-bamboocharcoal05
- double deck pulls powerup: ps-xoxoteasers01, sp-donlockwood13, era-growlkris16, evt-pangyomuralpainting01, ps-smtownweeki01, sc-youdontknowlove01
- special deck extra: sp-donlockwood06
- miracles (Cassidy's wish): evt-pangyomuralpainting04, sp-donlockwood11
- miracles (Yasu's wish): + 100 hugs
- deck pulls: evt-140526idolfutsal11, evt-pangyomuralpainting13, ps-xoxoteasers02, era-growlkris07, sc-youdontknowlove02, sp-donlockwood16
- baby yeol: sc-yachttime08, era-growld.o06, evt-130128idololympics13, sc-bamboocharcoal05, ps-hellorehearsal06, ps-syndrome11 + 30 hugs
- freebies: evt-superjointconcert201308, mv-wolfkv09, era-growlkris05, sc-yachttime10, ps-xoxoteasers11, ps-naturerepublic201409, era-growlkris13
- selfie services: ps-131111shimshimtapa13, ps-geniearbts03, ps-131212shimshimtapa14, evt-mama201210 + 10 hugs
- pop quiz: mv-growlkv09, sc-youdontknowlove06, sc-youdontknowlove15, ps-131111shimshimtapa01 + 20 hugs
- x(iumin) and o: ps-agitnight04, sc-letmeholdyou04, sc-whatislovesehun04
- trivia raffle winner: mv-overdosecv10, mv-mamakv06, ps-131212shimshimtapa04, ps-131212shimshimtapa09, ps-lanternfestivalbts05, mv-growlcv03, sc-intoyourworld07, evt-28thgoldendisks07, ps-131111shimshimtapa16, ps-highcutvol7304
-D: sp-donlockwood08
-I: evt-pangyomuralpainting10
-E: evt-140526idolfutsal12
-J: evt-superjointconcert201301
-U: evt-superjointconcert201311
-N: sp-donlockwood04
-G: evt-pangyomuralpainting06
-S: ps-xoxoteasers10

August 18, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: evt-lostplanetinseoulxm01, sc-shoppingtime16, mv-overdosecv15, ps-agitnight05 + 1 kiss
- doubles trade: mv-miraclesindeccv07, ps-naturerepublic201411 (traded in: ps-hellorehearsal06, sc-letmeholdyou05)
- trade stamp: mv-growlkv01, ps-chiaseed06, mv-historycv09, ps-agitnight05, ps-chiaseed05 + 1 kiss
- deck mastery: mv-wolfkv14, mv-wolfkv04, sc-hongkongtime07, era-mamad.o16, sc-specialpackage05

August 16, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: ps-geniearbts04, mv-overdosecv01, sc-hongkongtime05, era-midbaekhyun12, + 1 kiss
- trade stamp: sc-whatislovesehun05, sc-whatislovesehun01, sc-letmeholdyou03, ps-geniearbts05, + 1 kiss
- trade stamp: era-wolfkai04, ps-chiaseed08, mv-wolfkv12, sc-romantichongkong15, + 1 kiss
- trade stamp: mv-historycv16, sc-healinglifebts04, sc-wildhongkong15, sc-romantichongkong16, + 1 kiss

August 15, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: sc-letmeholdyou01, mv-growlkv01, sc-wildhongkong12

August 14, 2014 ------------
- doubles trade in: sc-meilishuo05, era-midbaekhyun11, ps-fantasticjourney07 (traded in: ps-hellorehearsal06, ps-hellorehearsal08, sc-wildhongkong15)
- deck mastery: sc-romantichongkong03, era-mamad.o05, ps-highcutvol7313, ps-debutteasers07, evt-130128idololympics11, sc-shoppingtime02

August 12, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: sc-specialpackage08, era-wolfluhan04, era-midbaekhyun13, sc-shoppingtime13, ps-hellorehearsal06, sc-meilishuo01

August 11, 2014 ------------
- miracles: ps-debutteasers16, sc-hongkongtime14
- deck mastery: sc-intoyourworld01, sc-hongkongtime02, sc-romantichongkong14, ps-geniearbts03, ps-lanternfestivalbts03, era-wolfluhan01
- deck mastery: evt-lostplanetinseoulxm11, ps-chiaseed04, evt-130128idololympics11, era-wolfluhan12, mv-wolfkv06
- deck mastery: sc-lightsaber06, mv-miraclesindeccv09, sc-whatislovesehun04

August 10, 2014 ------------
- bubble pop: ps-hellorehearsal08, sc-wildhongkong08, ps-syndrome07, ps-highcutvol7310 + 10 hugs
- freebies: ps-autumnclub05, ps-131212shimshimtapa13, mv-wolfkv02, ps-highcutvol7306, sc-wildhongkong05, evt-lostplanetinseoulxm09, mv-miraclesindeckv07
- x(iumin) and o: sc-specialpackage10, era-growld.o15, ps-hellorehearsal06
- study hall: sc-yachttime06, era-mamad.o09, sc-wildhongkong06
- steamed up: sc-healinglifebts07, ps-hellorehearsal06, mv-wolfkv06, + 20 hugs
-E: era-midbaekhyun04
-X: evt-lostplanetinseoulxm14
-O: era-mamad.o03
-L: sc-meilishuo04
-O: era-mamad.o11
-V: mv-overdosecv04
-E: sc-healinglifebts08
-T: ps-131111shimshimtapa05
-L: sc-lightsaber03
-P: ps-chiaseed01
-J: ps-fantasticjourney02
-A: sc-bamboocharcoal03
-K: sc-specialpackage14
-A: ps-autumnclub12
-R: mv-overdosecv16
-T: ps-autumnclub09
-A: ps-chiaseed11

August 09, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: era-wolfluhan14, sc-bamboocharcoal04, era-wolfluhan05, sc-bamboocharcoal08, mv-mamakv01, mv-overdosecv11

August 08, 2014 ------------
- bwcw shop (powerup purchase): powerup-2deckpulls -150 hugs

August 07, 2014 ------------
- spot the difference (7): mv-miraclesindeccv11, evt-28thgoldendisks12, sc-wildhongkong15, evt-mama201215, sc-yachttime09
- spot the difference (5): ps-hellorehearsal06, sc-wildhongkong15, ps-naturerepublic201410, evt-28thgoldendisks09, mv-miraclesindeckv09
- spot the difference (8): era-midbaekhyun02, era-growld.o05, era-wolfkai09, evt-130128idololympics02, sc-romantichongkong01
- spot the difference (6): sc-intoyourworld08, sc-intoyourworld02, evt-mama201212, evt-28thgoldendisks05, ps-fantasticjourney12
- spot the difference (1): mv-miraclesindeckv06, ps-syndrome09, mv-wolfkv01, evt-mama201210, sc-shoppingtime16
- spot the difference (4): sc-intoyourworld02, ps-131212shimshimtapa09, mv-historycv07, sc-whatislovesehun05, ps-agitnight02
- spot the difference (2): evt-dkfcmanila09, sc-hongkongtime01, ps-fantasticjourney05, ps-agitnight05, era-mamad.o01
- spot the difference (3): sc-specialpackage10, mv-miraclesindeccv06, sc-letmeholdyou05, mv-growlcv02, ps-highcutvol7308
- x(iumin) and o: mv-overdosecv13, era-growld.o02, era-growld.o08
- rank up (level 3): mv-growlcv04, evt-130128idololympics14, ps-debutteasers01, mv-wolfkv07, ps-geniearbts05, era-mamad.o16, era-mamad.o04

August 06, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: sc-meilishuo03, mv-mamakv15, evt-lostplanetinseoulxm11, mv-wolfkv04, era-growld.o08
- deck mastery: ps-naturerepublic201412, sc-wildhongkong04, sc-letmeholdyou05, ps-131111shimshimtapa04, mv-miraclesindeccv12, era-mamad.o10

August 05, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: evt-dkfcmanila03, ps-hellorehearsal10, mv-mamakv09, mv-growlcv07, era-mamad.o13 + 1 kiss

August 04, 2014 ------------
- deck mastery: mv-growlcv02, evt-mama201204, mv-wolfkv03, ps-geniearbts06, sc-bamboocharcoal02, era-wolfluhan14

August 03, 2014 ------------
- Event cards: xoxo-spotlightyasu
- referral rewards: sc-healinglifebts05, ps-fantasticjourney07, sc-yachttime16, ps-fantasticjourney06
- baby yeol: sc-specialpackage01, era-wolfluhan12, mv-overdosecv13, mv-miraclesindeccv05, ps-debutteasers09, sc-healinglifebts03 + 30 hugs
- selfie services: mv-miraclesindeckv15, evt-mama201214, sc-meilishuo02, sc-intoyourworld07 + 10 hugs
- donut disaster: sc-letmeholdyou05, ps-autumnclub08
- pop quiz: sc-healinglifebts03, mv-growlkv10, sc-romantichongkong14, mv-overdosecv06 + 20 hugs
- freebies: ps-autumnclub08,era-midbaekhyun01,ps-autumnclub06,ps-chiaseed07,mv-overdosecv03,sc-healinglifebts02,ps-131212shimshimtapa09
- decks pulls: era-wolfluhan03, evt-lostplanetinseoulxm15, era-mamad.o02, mv-overdosecv04, ps-chiaseed01, sc-meilishuo03

August 01, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: evt-mama201207, sc-intoyourworld08, ps-geniearbts11, ps-131212shimshimtapa04, + 1 kiss

July 29, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: sc-healinglifebts06, sc-shoppingtime03, ps-fantasticjourney08, ps-highcutvol7316 + 1 kiss
- deck mastery: evt-mama201213, mv-mamakv13, era-wolfkai11, evt-130128idololympics13, sc-specialpackage04
- freebies: ps-highcutvol7305,sc-specialpackage12,ps-131212shimshimtapa05,sc-lightsaber01,era-growld.o11,era-wolfkai15,mv-growlkv03
- study hall: ps-131212shimshimtapa16, sc-intoyourworld07, mv-growlkv04
- bubble pop: mv-historycv14, evt-dkfcmanila09

July 27, 2014 ------------
-deck mastery: mv-historycv03, mv-miraclesindeckv13, ps-autumnclub02, mv-growlkv08, ps-131212shimshimtapa16
-Event Cards: xoxo-version1, xoxo-grandopening
-Referral rewards: mv-miraclesindeckv02, era-wolfkai06, mv-miraclesindeckv15, mv-mamakv15
-x(iumin) and o: sc-healinglifebts05, mv-miraclesindeckv05, ps-autumnclub06
- steamed up: sc-lightsaber05, era-growld.o03, ps-agitnight06, + 20 hugs
-miracles: sc-hongkongtime08, ps-highcutvol7303
-G: ps-geniearbts04
-R: ps-syndrome01
-A: ps-agitnight02
-N: ps-lanternfestivalbts03
-D: ps-syndrome02
-O: evt-130128idololympics07
-P: ps-syndrome04
-E: era-midbaekhyun08
-N: ps-syndrome10
-I: evt-130128idololympics02
-N: era-midbaekhyun16
-G: sc-romantichongkong06

July 22, 2014 ------------
- trade stamp: ps-geniearbts08, ps-fantasticjourney06, sc-hongkongtime03, era-midbaekhyun07 + 1 kiss
- deck mastery: era-midbaekhyun07, ps-131212shimshimtapa10, ps-agitnight01

July 21 2014 ------------
-deck mastery: mv-historycv04, ps-agitnight04, mv-wolfkv16
-rank up (level 2): ps-highcutvol7307, evt-28thgoldendisks08, mv-growlcv09, mv-miraclesindeccv11, ps-131212shimshimtapa04, ps-fantasticjourney03

July 20 2014 ------------
-pop quiz: ps-hellorehearsal11, sc-whatislovesehun08, evt-dkfcmanila02, sc-whatislovesehun03 + 20 hugs
-donut disaster: mv-mamakv14, mv-growlcv14, mv-historycv02, era-wolfkai09 + 10 hugs
-selfie services: sc-wildhongkong02, era-wolfkai07, sc-romantichongkong08, ps-agitnight04 + 10 hugs
-baby yeol: ps-debutteasers13, ps-hellorehearsal10, ps-hellorehearsal02, evt-130128idololympics11, sc-whatislovesehun04, mv-historycv10 + 30 hugs
-freebies: evt-130128idololympics16, evt-130128idololympics02, evt-130128idololympics13, ps-hellorehearsal05, ps-hellorehearsal09, mv-miraclesindeckv10, sc-romantichongkong13
-study hall: evt-dkfcmanila13, mv-growlcv16, ps-debutteasers15
-bubble pop: ps-debutteasers08, evt-dkfcmanila09
-steamed up: mv-miraclesindeckv16, era-growld.o11, sc-whatislovesehun02, + 20 hugs
-x(iumin) and o: ps-hellorehearsal09, sc-whatislovesehun06, sc-romantichongkong03
-spot the difference (2): mv-historycv03, sc-whatislovesehun06, mv-historycv09, sc-letmeholdyou07, sc-intoyourworld07
-spot the difference (1): sc-letmeholdyou06, evt-dkfcmanila08, ps-agitnight04, era-midbaekhyun12, era-wolfkai01
-spot the difference (3): era-midbaekhyun03, sc-letmeholdyou04, ps-highcutvol7315, ps-131212shimshimtapa03, ps-geniearbts12
-spot the difference (4): sc-hongkongtime07, ps-fantasticjourney06, era-midbaekhyun11, sc-shoppingtime10, mv-miraclesindeckv05
-spot the difference (7): era-growld.o08, ps-geniearbts11, ps-fantasticjourney08, evt-130128idololympics06, era-growld.o10
-spot the difference (6): sc-intoyourworld02, evt-28thgoldendisks04, evt-mama201205, sc-wildhongkong09, era-wolfkai08
-spot the difference (8): sc-hongkongtime06, era-midbaekhyun09, mv-growlkv08, sc-romantichongkong12, ps-131212shimshimtapa15
-spot the difference (5): mv-growlkv14, ps-fantasticjourney07, mv-historycv11, evt-mama201214, ps-highcutvol7303
-pop quiz: ps-naturerepublic201411, ps-syndrome06, sc-letmeholdyou01, era-midbaekhyun03 + 20 hugs
-selfie services: mv-mamakv09, ps-fantasticjourney05, ps-debutteasers07, mv-growlcv04 + 10 hugs
-baby yeol: sc-romantichongkong13, ps-hellorehearsal08, era-wolfkai10, evt-28thgoldendisks03, sc-hongkongtime06, sc-hongkongtime04 + 30 hugs
-freebies: ps-fantasticjourney09, sc-romantichongkong15, ps-syndrome09, ps-syndrome12, sc-letmeholdyou05, ps-geniearbts05, era-growld.o16
-xoxo: xoxo-semigrandopening, xoxo-firstmasterydanni
-S: ps-fantasticjourney01
-O: sc-intoyourworld01
-H: era-midbaekhyun10
-O: sc-intoyourworld05
-T: ps-fantasticjourney02
-new decks: sc-specialpackage10, evt-mama201202, ps-syndrome07, sc-intoyourworld04, ps-fantasticjourney12, era-midbaekhyun14, ps-geniearbts09, sc-lightsaber05, sc-yachttime15, sc-shoppingtime08, mv-miraclesindeccv12, sc-hongkongtime08, mv-wolfkv15, evt-28thgoldendisks11, ps-131212shimshimtapa16
-trade stamp: ps-naturerepublic201416, ps-fantasticjourney06, era-wolfkai06, ps-hellorehearsal08 + 1 kiss

July 19 2014 ------------
-starter pack: mv-miraclesindeckv04, mv-miraclesindeckv08, mv-miraclesindeckv16, mv-historycv12, sc-wildhongkong03, ps-lanternfestivalbts11, era-growld.o07, sc-wildhongkong12, ps-agitnight01, evt-130128idololympics08,
-xoxo: xoxo-prejoin

Sketchtoy Mania